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Personal Project, some of the works were exposed at The Alchemical Image, Collective Exhibition, Purdue University, West Lafayette, US. 2020

Three years ago I gave a disposable camera to my father, one to my mother and one to my sister because we all lived far from each other at that time and I wanted them to take pictures of what they were seeing. It was a sort of necessity, I had to make a record of the moments that they were living while I was not with them. 


Last year, during the COVID-19 quarantine, I put those negatives in small glasses filled with watercolors, salt, water, and left them on the balcony for a month without covering them. I left them out in the open, like I was feeling in that very moment, vulnerable to everything.


Every image has now several breaks, as I have after experiencing a difficult episode in my life. From these breaks, new shapes and new things are now visible and some of the negatives have changed completely. That's also how I see myself now. This work helped me healing as I could finally see, gave shape and accept my experience.

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